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Forms and Applications

2012-2013 License Renewal Form

To All Licensees: Urgent Response Needed In order to comply with the Oklahoma immigration statute that went into effect in November 2007, The Board has been informed by the General Counsel section of the Attorney General’s office, that all licensing boards need to immediately require affidavits from licensees certifying their United States’ citizenship or lawful alien status for both initial license applications and renewals. Therefore, you will need to complete one of the following affidavits: Option 1 - Verification of Citizenship or Option 2 - Affidavit Verifying Qualified Alien Status. Both forms are attached with this email. (All forms will be verified with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) through their E-Verify & S.A.V.E. Programs) Complete the form, have it notarized, and mail it to the Board’s office immediately. Your application for new license or renewal of your current license can be held pending receipt of this form. Mail form to: Oklahoma State Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors P.O. Box 54388 Oklahoma City, OK 73154 Due to the fact that the form needs to be notarized, it cannot be completed on-line or faxed . Click here for the affidavit

Getting Started - updated Oct 6, 2008.

Basic Requirements for License.-updated 8/20/2009

Form 201 Application Form - revised 3/2010

Form 203 Application Inventory Form - REVISED 1/2010

Form 204 Code of Ethics - Revised 8/2009

Form 205 Professional Reference

Form 206 Supervisor-Supervisee Contract - revised 09/04/2013

Form 207 Supervision Log - REVISED 7/2016

Form 208 General Supervision Evaluation - Revised 11/2012

Form 209 Practicum Form - Revised 1/2011

Form 210 Employment Verification

FORM #213 - LADC/MH APPLICATION FORM - Last updated Jan 7 2013

Form 214 LADC/MH Course Requirements

Form 215 - LADC/MH Practicum/Training Form (100 Hours) -updated 12/2012

Form 216 - LADC/MH Code of Ethics

Form #217 Direct Observation - for home-based services

Complaint Form Use this form to file a complaint against a drug or alcohol counselor.


Credit Card Payment Form - Complete and submit this form along with your paperwork for the correct fee amount.




Orals in a Snapshot by J. Yosten - Powerpoint slides from Fall 2013 CE course.

SUPERVISION 2017 Ethics: Seeking Higher Ground! - slides from CE presentation. (Spring 2017)

The linked forms above are available in Adobe Acrobat format. Click on the links to open the form.
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